Terms and Conditions

What does this subscription mean?

By subscribing your are entering an agreement with us where you pay a set amount per month. These funds will be used by us to fund Jocu Playing Cards projects and activities.

Rewards for Subscribers

Subscribers contributing to the service will receive the rewards listed for their subscription level as a thank-you for ongoing support.

These rewards will only be supplied on the completion of each quarterly subscription period. These periods are generally three months and will be clearly outlined throughout the project.


Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, but rewards are available only for complete three month periods.

Refunds will be issued strictly on a discretionary basis. This is because your subscription funds will be invested in your rewards packages, and may not necessarily be available once they are used. In this particular case, the rewards will be given or partial rewards to the value of the current funds pledged that quarter.

Cancellation of Subscriptions by Jocu Playing Cards

In the event that we need to cease the Inner Circle project, we reserve the right to cancel memberships at any time. In this event, all funds for unfinished projects will be refunded or rewards honoured.